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Create powerful campaigns that convert!

The most affordable email marketing tool

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Email marketing tool for coaches, entrepreneurs and educators.


Alternative to expensive products like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp etc.

Powerful List Management

Organize your contracts and create powerful targeted campaigns.

Detailed Reports

Campaign results are automatically recorded and visualized in data charts.

Email Marketing Made Easy

KoachKast is a self hosted, full-featured, easy to use marketing automation tool. It lets you send high-volume marketing emails. KoachKast is built for coaches, course creators and entrepreneurs.

Create Email Designs or Use Our Beautiful Templates

Start from scratch or choose from large catalog of templates to create your own signature email design. With the world’s most innovative drag and drop email builder, you can customize or change anything. 

Powerful Automation Workflow

Visually design your automated email flow. Schedule autoresponder in response to your contracts’ activities like open email, click a link etc.

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The most affordable solution for creating powerful automated email campaigns! Perfect for coaches, course creators and entrepreneurs.

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Here are some of our most important features & services!

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Automated email campaigns improve conversion rates for up to 60%!

Detailed Stats and Reports

Koachkast provides you with full & detailed stats about your audience and campaigns so that you can create powerful targeted campaigns. 

Grow Your Business Total Revenue

Automated email campaigns are a proven way to increase your business total revenue and keep the customer engagement high.

Easy To Use Layout

We provides you with a full user management functionality that results in faster development.

Save Money With Awesome Prices!

Tailored to your needs.



 2500 email sending credits
 3 lists
 2500 subscribers
 Unlimited segments
 5 automations
 100 campaigns

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 50 000 email sending credits
 10 lists
 50 000 subscribers
 Unlimited segments
 20 automations
 Unlimited campaigns

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1 000 000 email sending credits
 Unlimited lists
 1 000 000 subscribers
 Unlimited segments
 Unlimited automations
 Unlimited campaigns
 Personal assistant

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